Friday, January 19, 2007

My Sansa Troubles

First I'll say this, I love my Sansa e270 and have no problems with it's functionality. I had some issues when I was trying to use their most preferred music download site (Rhapsoday) but we're pretty sure it had more to do with our PC than anything else. Plus that site uses Real Player and that is NOT my favorite media player. So the Sansa site also gave a few other options for downloading music and I checked out mostly because of all the sites they recommend, that was the one that was most clear about being able to download single tracks rather than use their dumb subscription service.

So anyway, last night I got on Urge and downloaded a few songs (Indigo Girls and White Town - I have missed those songs so much since losing our slave drive in 2003!) and then I tried to sync the Urge player with my Sansa. BAD IDEA. Not bad b/c it's a bad service but BAD b/c I had done so much already on the back end. See, there is where my tech savvy backfires on me. Being my usual self, I barely read the manual (I actually lost it!) and just figured out how to use Windows Explorer to transfer songs from my PC onto the Sansa. The problem is that when you download songs it kind of overrides this and wants to set it up itself. Had I used one of these services from the beginning, I never would have had this problem, but me and my over confident techie ways, got the better of me this time.

So I synced it and BOY did that take a long time. Like 30 minutes of Grey's Anatomy (don't worry, I didn't miss any of the show!). And you know why it took so long? Because it was putting EVERY SINGLE DAMN SONG FROM OUR PC ONTO MY SANSA! That's over 1500 songs. Ugh. Not all my songs either - a lot of the stuff is Jason's and I am not a fan. So then I spend some time deleting all the songs I don't want and then adjust the syncing and do it again. Took a little while again, but not too long. So then what happens, I only have 20 songs on my Sansa! WTH?

By this time it was almost 11pm and I knew that the best course of action would be to go to bed and then totally erase it tomorrow and start from scratch and actually figure out my own custom sync settings so this doesn't happen again. It's not a huge deal b/c all the music is on the PC, but I'm just mad that I have to use a stupid service's process to put music on my Sansa rather than just doing it the logical behind the scenes way I'm used to. (And BTW, it's the same for all MP3 players, so it's not going to change no matter what brand you get - unless you choose not to download any music and just use what you have on CD.)

So hopefully by tonight, all will be well in my Sansa world.


Heather said...

Erika, thanks for posting your informative Sansa blog! I'd no doubt have the same problems because I usually skip over most of the instruction manual as well...

Bracken said...

Isn't the philosophy of life ---- When all else fails then read the instructions!

Katie said...

Whoosh. That post went right over my head. I have no clue what Sansa is. I need to get with the times.