Saturday, January 13, 2007

Kid's College Fund

You may notice to the right there is an ad. No, I'm not selling out. I'm seeing if I can generate a few pennies to add to the kid's college fund. So if you're so inclined, click on one of the google ads. ------>

So both kids have colds and boy did they start in a hurry. Bryce has had a slightly runny nose for the past few days, but it sped up yesterday. He's drooling like a mad man since he can't breathe through his nose and he's got snot encrusted all over his little face. Caroline went to bed fine but within an hour, I could hear her up there kind of breathing through her mouth and making weird gaspy, breathy sounds. I went up and sure enough, she's all stuffed up too. So we've got two snotty kids and I swear I think my throat has a tickle in it. I took my Airborne last night in hopes of thwarting it, but we'll see. With the amount of times Bryce is trying to put something that was in his mouth into mine, it's no wonder that I'll pick up all his germs.

GO TERPS today against Clemson!!!

Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my little brother, Kevin, on his 27th birthday. How did he get so old? I already had Caroline by the time I was 27.

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