Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Eggs and Peanuts in Bryce's Future?

Check out this article that was in the Health/Science section of the Baltimore Sun on Friday. It really gives me hope that Bryce won't have to live in fear of ingesting a small amount of peanuts or eggs in his future if he doesn't outgrow his food allergies. This is pretty interesting stuff...even if it did come out of Duke University. Hopefully this will become regular practice for kids w/ food allergies. Not that he may ever be able to eat peanut butter, but at least he could safely eat a candy bar that was manufactured on machines that also process peanuts.

Taking the Fear Out of Peanuts

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Katie said...

We just got Emily's test results back and she is outgrowing ALL 3 of her allergies! In fact, the peanut didn't even show up on the blood test! We are hopeful that the milk & egg will disappear soon too. Woo hoo!!!!!! I'm very happy.