Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Christmas CatchUp

Here are a few little stories I meant to tell from Christmas:

On Christmas Eve, we went to Jay's grandmother's as usual, but this year "Santa" paid us a visit. Totally decked out in a Santa costume with a really big beard, hat, and some funny pink reading glasses, Santa looked pretty good. Caroline was pretty excited and Bryce just kind of looked at him. He gave them each a gift and then proceeded to give out a few more to some of the adults. In the middle of this, Bryce kind of walks over to him, looks up and says, "Big Dad!" We were laughing so hard. Caroline didn't even notice, but Bryce knew. I think it's the clarity only a really little kid can have.

We basically opened gifts for 3 days straight (Christmas Eve, Christmas, and the day after at my grandmother's) so that morning after we got back from my grandmother's, we come downstairs and Caroline goes in by the tree and says, "Daddy, Santa didn't bring me any presents today." Maybe she things we're Jewish and gift opening should last 8 days????

And thinking of the gift opening addiction my daughter clearly has, on the Friday after Christmas, we decided to go up and see Jay's grandparents who we didn't see on Christmas. We had a gift for them and brought it downstairs and sat it with the other stuff to take with us. As we were getting into the car, I asked Jason where it was and he said, he hadn't seen it and thought I'd picked it up. Caroline says, "It's in the house." Sure enough, Jason went in and looked in her nylon playhouse and there was the gift. Some little elf had even tried very hard to open it and ended up ripping the box. Can you say "gift addiction?"

Finally, on Christmas Eve everyone was asking Caroline if she was going to leave Santa some cookies and milk. At first she started saying she was going to leave him a beer but then she changed her mind and said, "I'm not going to leave him a beer because it will make him fall down." Poor Santa, didn't get a beer.

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