Monday, January 29, 2007

Busy Sunday/Monday

Yesterday we ventured down to Natalie's 1st birthday and got to see her beautiful house and we found out her mom, Binnie, is having baby #2 in September. Her kids will be about the same age apart as mine. I was so excited to hear her news. Caroline has decided that it's going to be a girl and her name will be "Tin tin." So anyone taking bets on the baby's gender? I give more clout to a 3 year old's prediction than any old wives tale, although I highly doubt Binnie and Marcus will be naming any baby, "Tin tin."

We also got to see the Emily, Katie, Landon and baby Humbles. Emily wasn't very happy that Caroline decided to lay completely in the ball fountain toy and, true to form, Caroline was just as happy as a clam being in her way. Why do 3 year olds like to make everything difficult? But the party was a lot of fun and the kids had a good time playing "slide bowling" where Bryce would stand on the bottom of the slide and Caroline would slide down and knock him down. Everytime they were laughing and hugging, so as long as no one was crying, I'm okay with that.

Today was CRAZY at work because it's the first day of classes coupled with still digging out/managing our admission deadlines. I swear, I just wanted to cry today b/c I had so much to do. And my migraine still wasn't gone - not horribly painful, but it left me feeling lousy. Not a day you want to spend staring at a computer screen so intently. It's still not completely gone now, but it's better than it was. A good night's sleep should help. I hope it does go away though b/c I'm supposed to donate blood on campus tomorrow. You're not supposed to donate if you don't feel well.

Then I got home and Jason had thawed out a pot of soup I'd made a few weeks ago and we chowed on that so that he and Caroline could get out to the grocery store before too late. Of course, if it involves Caroline, you're not going anywhere fast. I am realizing more and more that she is a poky puppy and will set her own time frame no matter WHAT you do. It's very aggravating for someone like me who is so task oriented. I guess it's karma.

So while they did food shopping, I played and bathed Bryce. It's funny how much little stuff you miss when they are together. We were working on a lot of animal sounds together and he kept making funny faces at me. When I have the 2 of them together, she's usually talking my ear off and he's just running around yelling. It's nice to get mommy/son alone time.

Finally, I forgot to mention that Caroline has changed her name, once again. Leo is a has been at this point and she is now Michael. Michael who? you ask.....Well, Michael Banks. We watched Mary Poppins for the first time this weekend and she just loved how he couldn't snap in the "Spoon Full of Sugar" routine and now pretends she is him trying to snap and clean up her room.

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