Sunday, January 14, 2007


More proof that Bryce understands more than he lets on sometimes....

I was sitting with Bryce as he was finishing his lunch today and I gave him some Dora cookies to eat. He picks up one, looks at it, and says, "BACKPACK!" As plain as day! I was like, WHAT? And so I looked and it WAS Backpack! That little rascal. Of course I praised him and then every other cookie was Backpack, except for the Dora one which he said was mommy. He thought he was so funny. But he has brought me Caroline's Dora or Diego before and used some kind of D sound to say what it was.

He also gets into Caroline's fav show, The Little Einsteins, now because he knows when to "pat" for take off. He starts saying, "pat pat pat" at the right time (or whenever he sees Rocket). The kid is just a little sponge.

I'm off work tomorrow for MLK Jr day. Thank goodness for long weekends. While a 3 day weekend is nice, a 4 day work week is pretty sweet too.

Jay and I had a great time at the UM/Clemson game and got to see the Terps come alive on the court and defeat the LAST undefeated division 1 NCAA team. They shot over 66% and really played up to par. Thank goodness b/c after the UM/Miami game a few nights prior, I wasn't sure what we were walking into. It was fun to be back on campus and in Comcast watching a game (still nothing like Cole though!). You forget how INTO the game you get and how you would know so much about the players when you were a student there. I can't always get into a game on tv, especially if I'm being nagged by kiddos. But at a game it's so easy to get absorbed and so fun. I really miss that part of my life - even though I wouldn't trade it, it sure was fun while it lasted.

I heard through the grapevine that the Ravens lost too. See, I told you guys you were getting riled up a little too early. Such is life - there can only be one winner. At least they made it to the 2nd round of the playoffs - oh wait, they had a bye last week. Heh heh heh.


Amanda said...

Hannah and Gracie are so into Dora right now.

We call Gracie "Swiper".

Does Caroline have the Dora Explorer Market Cafe? Giant has it for $5.00. I got it for Hannah and she loves it. She got the Magical Castle for Christmas. We love Dora!!

Sorry I rambled!!!!

Katie said...

That Bryce is one smart kid (he learns well from his big sis). After spending New Years with him, I am convinced he is going to be the entertainer--the life of the party etc. etc.

Anything else going on?