Sunday, December 10, 2006

"Tell me a story when you were little...."

This is what we've been hearing a LOT of lately at our house from Caroline. For a while it was constantly, "Can you tell me a story about ____?" And _____ was usually one of my IL's cats. My poor FIL was making up more stories than you can count about one of their 4 cats. She was even asking Jay and I constantly too. But in the past few days it's turned into, "Tell me a story about when _____ was little." And ____ being someone in our family. I love sharing those kinds of stories with her but she's often asking me about my IL's when they were little, and I honestly don't know any. I can tell her ones about my parents and about me, but as soon as I'm done, she wants a story about Nana and/or Big Dad when they were little. The well is getting a little dry, but thankfully they are coming on Tuesday and I plan on letting them know to come prepared with little Nana and Big Dad stories for her!

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