Thursday, December 28, 2006

Still Recovering!

It's so nice to still be off so that we can take our time digging out and recovering from the craziness of the past few days. The kids have had plenty of time to play with their toys and I've even had a few minutes to sit down.

We've had a glimmer of hope on the potty training front too and think maybe (just maybe) Caroline is getting it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed today since she is wearing big girl panties by her own choosing.

Also a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Katie who follows me in turning 30. When we were in college were were the last ones to turn 18 and 21 and it seemed like such a bummer. But as predicted it was nice being some of the last ones to turn 30 this year. Hope you have a great day K!

Also I wanted to welcome a few new readers to my blog as I shared my URL with my cousins and it seems even my grandmother found me. Hi Adie, Monica and maybe even MeeMaw!

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Amanda said...

We have so many toys I can't catch up.