Saturday, December 30, 2006

Starbucks Spiked My Kid's Drink

I took Caroline with me to Target this evening and asked her if she wanted a hot chocolate or a vanilla creme (steamed milk with a vanilla flavor shot). Naturally since she'd never heard of a vanilla creme, she chose that. I ordered it and ordered myself a cinnamon dolce latte. Yum! So we get both drinks and I have a sip of mine and then sip her's to make sure it's not too hot. Since mine is pretty strong, I figured the coffee I thought maybe I tasted was from my drink. So I gave it to her and she made yummy sounds.

We're strolling through the store buying us new pillows since she has been using her little pillow on top of her regular pillow because she said she wanted her head to be higher and I noticed her cup says "VL." As in Vanilla LATTE. WTH????? How dumb do the people have to be? Vanilla Creme is WAY different than Vanilla Latte. Thank goodness she didn't drink the whole thing - it was a tall (small). But man, she was a little wired when we got home. Maybe since this is just a Target Starbucks they don't know the drinks as well, but who the hell buys their 3 year old a latte?????

Jay is upstairs right now putting her to bed and I do think she's tired, so we'll see.

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