Friday, December 15, 2006

Not my favorite jeans!

Every girl knows how important a pair of her favorite jeans are and every girl knows how aggravating, frustrating, and sad it is when they get a rip. That is what happened to me this morning when I put on my favorite pair and found a rip on the knee. Ordinarily a knee rip would be something you'd know why it happened or at least know it was coming because of how thin they were getting, but nope. These are barely a year old. WTH? How can my favorite pair of jeans have a rip in the knee? Damn it. I have a pair like them in the same size but for some reason they just don't fit the same. ARGH!

In other news, I was off today and took the kids to their 15 month and 3 year checkups. Caroline weighs in at 36.5 inches and 31 lbs while Bryce is almost 23 lbs (I forgot how tall he was.). They are getting so big! Caroline got her flu shot and did really well and Bryce got his last vaccination until he goes to school. Both of my kids have shown a lot of courage when having vaccinations and getting bloodwork done. I feel so lucky.

One week until Christmas weekend! I can't believe it, it's going so fast.

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