Saturday, December 30, 2006

New Year's For Jay

Well, Jay had his new year's celebration last night it seems. A few of his friends came over to watch the MD bowl game and drink some beers. I use the term "watch" lightly since there was very little watching going on and more drinking and bullshitting. But hey, they had fun. We both didn't go to bed until 1am but I didn't have anything to drink and was happy about that this morning. Jay, well, he slept a little later and says he feels okay, but I know how you feel the next day when you drink a lot of beer the night before. At least both kids were in happy moods this morning and slept until 8am! Of course, they wait until the end of vacation to start sleeping later. So Wednesday morning is going to be rough for them - (Tuesday is Nana/Big Dad day so they could sleep in).

I think today, the agenda is figure out New Year's Eve dinner and go to Target. I can spend my Target gift card on some new ear buds for my mp3 player and use my Starbucks card. Whoever thought of putting a Starbucks in Target was GENIUS!

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