Monday, December 25, 2006

My Princess

Yeah yeah yeah, Caroline got a trunk of princess dress-up dresses (not Disney Princess though) and 6 pairs of "high heels." She was thrilled. Mommy is going to teach her about all the things that princesses can do in the real world.
We had a very nice Christmas day - busy, but nice. And we've got another full day tomorrow. WHEW!
I'll post more when I am sitting down for more than 4 seconds.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like Christmas was a success for you and the family. I thought of you the day before Christmas Eve when I was putting together Sydney's LeapPad Learning Center and got the table and chairs together but then tried to get the actual game to work and it wouldn't turn on!!!!! So frustrating. Needless to say, Sydney didn't get that for Christmas:<

Should have probably put it together sooner so I would know. I tried to call 10 Kohl's in the area on Christmas Eve but they were all out of the toy.

Made me think of Caroline's doll house and how you put it together ahead of time.

Catch up soon.