Saturday, December 02, 2006

Mommy Giveth and Mommy Taketh Away

Last night we decided to give Caroline one of her birthday gifts a little early. The long and much coveted Diego Talking Rescue Center. We figured that since the grandparents were coming on Sunday and would be giving her gifts then, that we wanted her to have time "alone" to play w/ just the R.C. since she has wanted it soooooooo much. Here are some pics of us giving it to her.

So as you can see, there was unadulterated joy in my house last night. But with joy, there also comes sorrow. We told Caroline that the Rescue Center was for big kids and that she needed to prove to us that she is a big kid by using the potty. (She's been doing this as long as we remind her - but never on her own!) So she said she understood and went along playing with it. I peeked in on her when she was quiet and reminded her and she said she knew. So why did she come in 5 minutes later telling me she'd pooped her pants? We marched upstairs with her crying the whole way when I told her she was done with the RC for the night. She cried and cried but I told her she could earn it back in the morning when she went pee in the potty when she woke up. So she did and she got it back. Now I'm waiting to see if she'll use the potty on her own again or just pee her pants. I'm hoping that a few times of taking RC away will get her to realize she needs to use the potty.

I just don't get it - she understands the concept but it's like she doesn't want to stop what she's doing to go.

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Katie said...

Those are great shots-- especially the third one with Caroline's wide open mouth! Her birthday is so soon!