Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas Eve!

Well it's here....Christmas Eve! Sometimes I think I like Christmas Eve better than Christmas day! Maybe it's the anticipation. I've always loved Christmas Eve. Normally we just have a relaxing day at home and then we head over to Jay's grandmother's in the late afternoon for dinner and gift exchanging. But tonight to add to the fun, Santa will be paying a visit to the kids at her house. Jay's dad played Santa a few years when they were little, but with my prompting he's decided to reprise the role for his grandkids. He really has the look of Santa and I'm convinced he could do a little holiday moonlighting as Santa in a few years. Although as Jason reminded me that with his compromised immune system, it might not be the best occupation for him.

Yesterday we went to my mom's for her annual holiday brunch and spent most of the day. Lots of merriment as usual and it always feels like the holidays after a party at Bertie's.

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Katie said...

Merry Christmas Erika!