Monday, December 18, 2006

Lots of Updates

Well it's MONDAY and one week until CHRISTMAS!!! It was such a busy busy weekend and I barely had time to sit down, let alone blog!!! So here's the rundown for each day:

I took off work to take the kids to their 3 year and 15 month checkups. They had 9am appointments which isn't bad considering we usually leave the house at 7am. No problems getting there and both kids were really good. Of course when we walk into the exam room the nurse asks Caroline what she wants for Christmas which she replies,

"A new butt. Mine has a crack in it."

You can probably guess that the staff was in stitches with that one. Even Dr. Q. was laughing about it when he came in since it was spreading to the rest of the staff. And I'm sure you're wondering where she heard that, and I have to say that I'm the guilty party. But, I had told her to tell it to Jason a few days prior and when I told her she messed it all up and didn't quite get the punchline out. So I had no idea it would ever come up again on it's own and correctly! That girl!!!

Caroline cooperated and let them weigh and measure her and she comes in at 36.5 inches and 31 lbs. I forgot to see how tall Bryce is but he's 23 lbs. Dr. Q. said they both looked GREAT. Both kids were entertaining him by running around in just their diapers/pullup and dancing but just as Dr. Q was about to leave, Caroline proceeded to take her (dry) pullup off and put it on her head. She really thought she was funny. Then C got a flu shot with no problems and then Bryce got his last vax until he has to go to school. No problems!! Of course Caroline got a cherry cola lollipop and all was right with the world. We headed home, made some cookies, and played the rest of the day.

BTW, Dr. Q saw no problem with the fact that Caroline is not yet potty trained and said that it all comes when they are ready. That made me feel better!

We dropped Bryce off at my mom's so that C, Jay and I could go to our dentist appointments. This was Caroline's first dentist appt and I was a little anxious about how she would do. But we had been reading Dora's dentist book and she seemed prepared. So we got called back and she sat on my lap and let the hygenist count and CLEAN her teeth!! Then she even let the dentist take a look too. I was so proud and she got 2 toys, stickers, and a new toothbrush. She also told them when asked that she wanted a new butt for Christmas - I think she made their day. The dentist wasn't too worried about her thumbsucking especially since she had a son that was a sucker and said that if she doesn't stop on her own that we'll get her fitted w/ a retainer when her adult teeth come in and it will reshape her mouth so that her thumb doesn't fit very well anymore and usually breaks kids of thumbsucking. We'll see.... So no cavities for her (or mom and dad) and we were on our way!

We picked up Bryce and went home so that we could have lunch and then Jay could meet his dad with the kids. The kids were going to go to a family Christmas party with the ILs while Jay and I went out for my birthday dinner to PAZO . Mmmmmmmmmm! It was wondeful. The ambience of the place is just amazing and the food was delish! We had a really nice time and hope we'll get to go back again soon! Then we came home, passed out on the couch and then I woke back up to watch Justin Timberlake (OW!) on SNL. It was one of the funniest SNLs I've seen in a while.

Woke up at 9am!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh, sleeping completely uninterrupted until 9am is pure heaven. I got to drink my coffee and read the paper in absolute peace too. But then, relaxation time was over and it was time to get busy. We painted the kid's playroom a pretty shade of yellow and after I did the edges/window frame, I went onto clean bathrooms, make cookies/biscotti, and get ready to get groceries later by making a menu and list. We finished painting by 3pm and got the entire room back together. It looks GREAT and the kids really liked it when they saw it later. (I reorganized and moved some toys around for better use of space!) Then Jay went to get the kids at MIL's and I went to Giant. So I got home around 6pm and Jay followed around 6:45.

WHEW! It was quite a weekend, but very productive. I'm looking forward to being off starting on Friday. I think Jason and I are planning our annual wine and wrapping party for Friday night. It's really the only way to wrap....slightly inebriated.

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Amanda said...

You are very productive!!!

Wine and wrapping that sounds great!!!