Saturday, December 30, 2006

Lipstick, A Tasty Treat

In Caroline's stocking, she received some Dora cherry (or some other non-distinct berry) flavored lip balm. It has a regular tube and a cute Dora figure lid that could be saved and used on a new tube when this one runs out. Well, it won't be long until this one runs out.

At first she understood to just put it on her lips and did so frequently each time remarking how yummy it was. I only twisted it up for her a little bit and she seemed happy. But then she started eating it. I'm talking sucking on the thing and scooping it out with her teeth. I'm still holding back on twisting it up too much to keep her from eating the whole darn tube, but that's not stopping her. She keeps telling me how yummy it is and how she loves to eat it. It's a good thing adult lipsticks don't taste that good I guess or maybe we'd all be eating our lipstick like a preschooler.

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