Sunday, December 31, 2006

Last blog of 2006

Ah yes, a quick last blog of 2006. Exactly one year ago today I was sitting here and writing about how we hoped Caroline would stay in bed in her first night in her big girl bed. I can't believe it's been a whole year.

I now have a toddler AND a pre-preschooler on my hands. Ah! Quite a handful, but I'm glad my hands are full and that my heart is full of love.

My big moments of 2006? I turned 30, but I don't know if that is so momentous. We had a very good year even though we really didn't have much change - but then, sometimes that IS a very good thing. Hoping for more of the same in 2007, although who knows what the future will bring. I wonder what I'll be thinking about a year from now.

But I do think we have a new New Year's Eve tradition - We had a great evening with Katie/Landon/Emily and Binnie/Marcus/Natalie. Sure everyone was gone before 9pm and all the kids were in bed, but we've got to start somewhere and it was nice to actually have done something on New Year's Eve and to connect with people who have so much in common with us. 5/6 of us are MD grads, so that's a pretty cool thing, huh? (We'll forgive Marcus for not going to MD, but at least he loves the Terps!) So I'm hoping that this time next year we'll have had another fun New Year's Eve together and with Emily's new brother or sister added to the mix!

Happy New Year!

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