Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Kids don't care that it's mommy's birthday

I guess I thought that since it was my birthday I'd get a magical repreive from my kids acting up this morning before taking them to daycare. Nope! They don't really care that it's my birthday - although Caroline did tell me Happy Birthday and told me she wanted to stay home with me and eat cake. (I think the CAKE was the part she was intereted in even though there is no cake to speak of.)

But both kids were their usual frustrated, sleepy selves and required the normal amound of cajoling and prodding to get dressed and ready. Oh well...such is life.

So yes, I'm 30 today. Seems odd. I don't feel old.


Bracken said...


Katie said...

You don't feel old because you are NOT old!!!!
Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday girl friend. Let's make a date I take you out for a drink!!

Anonymous said...

You so are not old! Cause I'm not old and I'm only 5 months younger than you! And we married old guys too to keep us young! (Ok so your Jay is only a few months older and my Jay is only 363 days old but it's still older!)

Have a great birthday!

~ Viv

Christine said...

OMG are you gonna laugh when it's your 75th bday!!! THEN you can say you feel old! SOrry the kiddos didn't cooperate for you- mayby next year?