Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Bonked Head

I was on the floor playing with the kids and Bryce was running around and kind of jumped at me and I went to catch him and my arm gave out and he went head first onto my head. OUCH! I felt woozy right away and knew I wouldn't be able to stand up, so I called for Jason to help. When he took Bryce, I could see he was bleeding. But it seems he just hit his lip on his tooth and it was bleeding a little. So he sucked on some ice and was fine. Me on the other hand, was in pain. I have a large bump northeast of my left temple and it hurts. And b/c of the way your face is all connected, it hurts to open my mouth much and I just hurt. I think b/c I was the one sitting still and he was the one moving, I absorbed most of the shock. Although better me since I can deal with it and he has a soft little head.

Just watched the season finale of Nip/Tuck. Pretty darn good! Love that Christian Troy. MMMMMM! They played a really good song called Brighter Discontent by The Submarines. Really a great song! Kind of makes me think of old school 90's alternative music that I loved so much in high school. That might be a CD I'll have to buy. (And yes, I still buy CDs - my husband won't let me get ITunes because he believes that it's a conspiracy to get people to download the program and all the junk software/spyware that comes with it.)

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