Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Backing Off

We came to the conclusion this weekend that we need to back off of Caroline on this whole potty training business. We had been putting more pressure on her over the weekend to use the potty and not doing so could result in undesirable consequences. So what happened? It backfired on us and 2 days in a row we ended up with poo on the carpet. Turns out she understands that when she goes she'll be in "trouble" so she was trying to cover it up and take her pants off herself. Not something a 3 year old is good at when they are filled. So after talking to some other parents that have kids her age and doing some reading we've decided just to back off for a while because she's just not ready.

It seems almost ridiculous that a little girl that is as bright as her at 3 years would not be potty trained - but it's true. And putting more pressure on her only makes it worse. So we'll wait until after the holidays and see what happens.

I also realized it was putting more stress than usual on Jay and I and resulting in more fights with her, so maybe this will help this out some too. I think the hardest part is me getting over the thought that I'm a bad parent for not having my kid toilet trained at 3 years old. I'm sick of people from an older generation making comments about how in their day kids were potty trained before they were 2. Were they really? Or is that just your memory? I've been reading a lot of stories recently that children who are a little bit older when they potty train end up being completely potty trained rather quickly and with very few (if any) accidents. So that is what I'm going to hope for for us and hope that when she's ready she'll be READY. I just can't fight with her anymore!


Katie said...

Oh no, sometimes the brightest children are the most resistant! Why? B/c their brains are learning and concentrating on other things and having so much fun that they can't be bothered with something so primitive as potty training!

Emily isn't there yet, but I refer you to Exhibit A-- my niece Kiely-- who was so similar to Caroline. Kiely was still having these issues at age 3 too. Caroline is just barely 3 too, so give it another few months.

Emily seems to be going down that same road. If I even mention the PT word, she screams her head off. I get the eyebrow raises-- you mean a girl is not potty trained by 2????? How can this be????? It's those darn baby books that say the girl's potty train earlier that make us stress so much. They aren't the bible!


Anonymous said...

Have you read about the Moms who "train" their babies when they are infants? Whatever! Those ladies are crazy if you ask me. There is a time and a place when this will ahppen and Caroline will get there soon. Now if she's 5 and still in diapers then you might have a problem.

Maybe you can train Bryce to go when Caroline goes so you'll be done with diapers for good! That's a nice thought, isn't it?

Either way good luck and hang in there :)

~ Viv

Anonymous said...

Hang in there. Caroline of course is a year older than Sydney, but we are no where close with potty training. For a while there we thought she might be on her way and now she will randomly tell us if she has a dirty diaper but then run off if we say we want to change it. I don't think we will be out of diapers any time soon.

Good luck!!