Thursday, November 02, 2006


Couple of updates.....

My grandmother is still in the hospital and has had 2 blood transfusions. My mom finally came home tonight but only b/c she didn't pack to spend the night before and because she has to work tomorrow. (Next week is her last week though!) She said my grandmother is largely incoherent and not really understanding what's going on. They think she'll be discharged tomorrow and then my mom is going back up there again on Saturday. :(

I talked to Bryce's allergist last night and found out that by the results of his blood test, he's very allergic to eggs and only slightly to peanuts. He said to continue to avoid both and he feels very strongly that he'll outgrow both. He said that usually kids his age that are allergic to peanuts have a very high sensitivity and since his is very low, that the likelihood that he'll outgrow it is there. So we'll continue to avoid the eggs and keep our fingers crossed. I can totally deal w/ keeping eggs out - and YAHOO on no dairy problems!

I've been a bad friend this week to Katie and haven't called her back. Please forgive me Katie! (And please forgive me for having to post it here in my blog!) But I did check out Ms. Em's pics and boy, oh boy was she a cutie for Halloween!

Both kids are on the tail ends of their colds and now my throat is bothering me again. Ack. Just in time for the weekend. I was fighting one last week too. Took some Airborne and I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Let's see...other stuff. Caroline fell out of her bed on her head tonight. Jay and I were sitting down here and we heard a crash. I got up those steps so fast and there she was laying spread eagle on the floor crying. She was reaching over the side rail to grab a book and fell over. We tell her all the time not to do that. Thankfully, she's okay. I hope she'll remember it though and not lean over them anymore.

And finally, Bryce is doing a new cute thing. If you are sitting on the floor he will walk up to you and then when he gets close he will turn around and back up and sit down on you. Often he'll bring a book too which means he wants you to read to him. This evening he did it while Jason was laying on the floor and he proceeded to pass gas in Jason's face. I thought it was hilarious based on the fact that Jason has quite a history with flatulence. Like father, like son. Bryce knew Caroline and I were laughing at him and by look on his face, you could see he was very proud.

Time to watch Grey's Anatomy - thank goodness it's NEW this week!

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Katie said...

Hey E! No problem! I know you have a lot going on, especially with your grandmother. Glad you know more about Bryce's allergies. It will be easier now. As for Caroline, tell her not to feel bad. It happens. As a matter of fact, Landon fell out of our bed the other night at 4am. (ROFL!) I told him I would get him some bedrails. Hee hee.