Sunday, November 05, 2006


I am soooooooooooooooooooo ready for this damn election to be over. Usually I'm sick of it at this point anyway because I'm so tired of seeing commercials on tv and of seeing the stupid poster/bilboards everywhere. But it seems to have reached a fever pitch this year. This year the politicians have taken to using the phone to get the vote out. I wouldn't mind if it were one or two calls, but on Friday afternoon when we got home, our phone said 8 missed calls and all from 800/888/866 numbers. So then I answer one when it rings and it's the O'Malley campaign asking for my support. It cuts off when the person on the phone is in mid-sentence before I can even say, "Yes, I'm voting for him, now leave me the hell alone." So 30 minute later they call AGAIN. I tell the dude I'm voting for O'Malley but they need to stop calling me. We've gotten 3 more calls from some groups on the O'Malley camp. (Although I did have to laugh when one of them asked if I'd be going to the polls and when I said yes, she asked if I needed a ride. How funny would that be to have someone come and pick me up - an able bodied 30 year old with a car. That makes me laugh just thinking about it.)

But that does not mean that the Ehrlichs are not bothering us. We've gotten 3 phone recorded phone calls in the recent days with Kendall Ehrlich asking us to vote for Bob and then this morning right as we were walking out the door for the grocery store, we got a live person asking us to support Bob and Michael - I replied I was a registered Democrat who generally votes for my party and she let me off the hook.

Since we've been back from the grocery store, we've already gotten a call from Barbara Milkulski campaigning for some other Maryland democrat and a call I chose not to answer since it was from an unknown caller at a 866 number.

I can't take it anymore. I want my phone to stop ringing. I want the damn politicians standing at all the major intersections on my way to work to stop waving at me. I am sick of reading the B.S. about how terrible the other candidate is. And I KNOW that this election will not have a result until at least a week or two after the election since absentee ballots will need to be counted. Lovely. Just extend the public's agony. At least the phone calls will stop.

Jason said he's so tired of it he would be voting for a 3rd party candidate if there was one. But there's not. Just these a$$holes who bother the crap out of us.


Amanda said...

What's crazy is that Ehrlich hired a criminal $200 to say that O'Malley hasn't does his job. Is he that desperate he can't find anybody else.

O'Malley is going to blow him out of the water. I can't wait!!

Anonymous said...

I am so with you on the phone calls (and all the darn junk mail!) I'm actually an election judge and I will be so happy when tomorrow is all over!

~ Viv