Friday, November 24, 2006

A little more energy

I think I'm pepping up - I actually ate some toast. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Two funny stories for the day....

We've known for a while that Bryce is scared of toys that talk and move. Well, we got out the singing and dancing Santa that Caroline got a few years ago and he freaked out and kept crying and clinging to us while it was in the family room. So I picked it up and put it in the foyer out of the way. Well, a little later, Bryce walks toward the front door and spots it. We're in the other room and hear him start crying very loudly so I run in and there he is in the corner as far as he could get from it crying his head off. He was so scared. So needless to say, we packed that thing back up for a Christmas yet to come.

Then later on, Caroline went up for her nap. I took one too and Jason sat and watched football. Well, he heard her still up and went up and told her to go back to bed. Then a little while later he thought he heard something again, so he went back up and opened her door and there she was running around in circles saying "Chugga chugga cho cho!!!!!" Jason said it made him laugh out loud and then she said, "Daddy, I'm not tired." OBVIOUSLY! You think you're a TRAIN! But she fared pretty well the rest of the day and kind of helped me to decorate the tree later too.

I decked the halls on my blog too. You likey?

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Amanda said...

Yeah I likey!!!