Monday, November 13, 2006

Kid's Christmas Lists? CHECK!

Yesterday Jason and I decided to get the inevitable over with and go and do our Christmas toy shopping at Toys R Us. (As much as I love Target, I won't do my toy shopping there - I want Toys R Us to stay in business!) So we went with a list and ended up sticking to it for the most part although we did go a little crazy when we got to the children's music section. But knowing how much Caroline loves to play music and dance, I don't feel bad buying her CDs I know she'll love. (Little Einsteins, Blue's Clues, Diego's Christmas) and I got a Ralph's World CD for Bryce. (Katie made him a mix CD for his birthday and I LOVE the Ralph's World songs!) He'll be changing CDs before I know it too.

Caroline's big gift for Christmas is the Fisher Price Loving Family Twin Time dollhouse. It comes with a family of 5 and a little bit of furniture. I also got her the kitchen and bathroom and thought maybe a few people in our extended family would like to buy her a room or two more. I plan on putting it completely together a week or two before Christmas to ensure that ALL pieces are there on Christmas morning. Then I'll put a big sheet over it for the grand opening on 12/25. I'll still wrap the boxes with the furniture in them, but I learned from Jason's aunt/uncle to always open and make sure all parts are there before late on Christmas eve. (Several years ago Jason's uncle didn't open the box to the toy work bench they'd gotten for their son until late Christmas Eve only to find that someone had already opened it, taken out the toy, and replaced it with JUNK before returning it to the store. The store had no clue and they were left w/o one of Nathan's big gifts on Christmas morning!) It's also a good way to make sure you have batteries and that things work too!

As for Bryce, he's not getting a "big" gift, but a few smaller ones that include a large Aquadoodle mat, a Thomas the Tank Engine train, and the Fisher Price Little People service station.

We also got them together the FP doctor kit. We had one when we were kids and played the heck out of it. I'm guessing they will too.

I'm just glad I won't have to mess with the crowds in a month and I got everything I wanted to get them. It was busy yesterday but nothing like it will be in a few weeks. Whew!

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Anonymous said...

Jay & I are going to Toys R Us this Saturday to shop for Kenzie. I feel the same way about Target/Wal Mart but I just love Toys R Us so much that I will gladly give them the Christmas business (and they have way more to choose from!)

Good luck hiding the house from Caroline until the big day (you don't think she'll find it - kids can be pretty snoopy when there's somethings new to peek at!)

~ Viv