Wednesday, November 22, 2006

It Snowed in my Pantry

I was getting the ingredients together this evening to start the pumpkin bread pudding and I was looking for my brown sugar. I thought it was behind my large vacuum sealed canister of powdered sugar so I kind of moved it by the lid. It's VACUUM sealed on, so it should stay, right? WRONG. The whole thing didn't fall over, but enough got out that it looked like it was snowing in my pantry. And worst of all, it was on the next to top shelf - shelves that are just wire racking so it went all through the 3 shelves below it and onto the floor. I didn't even know what to do b/c I just realized what an awful mess this was. Jason came down from giving Bryce a bath and turned around and went back upstairs. So I proceeded to pull everything out and vacuum it off. Meanwhile, Caroline is sitting in here watching a show I recorded for her on the computer and she comes in mid-cleaning and says, "Mommy, I peed." There she stands with wet pants all the way down to her shoes. I told her to go up and find daddy. (She told me later that she peed her pants b/c she was busy watching TV!!!!!) ARGH!

So it set me back like an hour before I could finally start my bread pudding. But now the caramel sauce is made and the bread pudding is in the oven. It smells wonderful. I hope everyone at my mom's likes it as much as I did last year. I'll post the recipe when I have more energy. It's decadent, but totally worth it at Thanksgiving.

BTW, Pizza John's was good - Bryce freaked out mid-meal and Caroline didn't want to eat - but what else is new? That is what they do here at home.

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade at 9am!!!!!


Katie said...

Pizza johns! Not papa johns. I was wondering what was so special about papa johns! LOL!

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