Thursday, November 30, 2006

Guess what I just watched???

Grey's Anatomy! On any normal Thursday night, this wouldn't be that big of a feat - but tonight in Baltimore it was. Grey's Anatomy was pre-empted by the lame-o Raven's football game. And what makes it worse, the rest of the country was watching G.A. Sure, I could have recorded it when it came on at 1am. Or I could have watched it tomorrow on or at 8pm. But I didn't want to. 9pm on Thursdays = GREY'S ANATOMY!!!

How'd I do it? Well a while ago Jason bought this whole package to watch HD TV on the computer. It came with this very large and ugly antenna that I made fun of and he only used a few times. I got this idea, what if I hooked it up and caught the DC ABC station? My hunch was right and I got to watch the whole show with only a very tiny bit of "snow." I just thwarted the powers that be.

It was pretty good too. But it left a lot of loose ends AND there was no preview, so who knows how long before a new episode. Oh well, at least I'm up to date w/ the rest of the country!

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