Thursday, November 16, 2006

A girl's right to shoes

My mom got Caroline these cute little slip on flats from Target for Valentine's day that she LOVES and that she thinks are her dancing shoes. She wears them every chance she gets and dances quite a bit in them. Well lately we've been finding them on her when she's in her bed asleep. Who in the world wears shoes to sleep in? Last night we were having problems getting her to go to sleep and when I went up and 10pm and it seemed she was finally almost asleep, I covered her up and there were her shoes! I gently took them off and she kind of stirred. Jason peeked in a few minutes later and there she was sitting up in bed putting on her shoes. He took them from her and put them on her dresser. Well this morning when I went in to kiss her good bye (my mom had them today b/c my DCP went on a field trip w/ her son), there she was snoring and those shoes were on her feet.

The girl loves those shoes. What can I say?


Katie said...

LOL! So funny.

Anonymous said...

Just hope you can find them again when she out grows them!

~ Viv

Amanda said...

That is so sweet!!!LOL