Thursday, November 09, 2006

Closing Doors

Lately, all my kids want to do is run from room to room closing doors. And yes, I did say kids PLURAL. Both are obsessed with shutting others out and both of them are good at slamming.

Caroline usually will close a door after saying something like, "Have a good day!" or "I hope you feel better!" No idea why, but that is her "thing." Bryce on the other hand thinks closing doors is HYSTERICAL. He'll close a door and then you hear him laughing very loudly behind it. Of course this often results in him locking himself in a dark room.

So Jason and I have resorted to a Parent Hack of sorts to prevent pinched fingers, heads, and very small children from being locked in dark bathrooms. Plastic clothes hangers! If you put one over the corner of a door, you can prevent it from being closed all the way, but it still lets the kids be happy enough that they are closing the door but doesn't lock anyone in. And best of all, they can't take it off! (Tip: Mark sure you put the hooked part on the outer part of the door so if they open the door quickly, it doesn't hit the wall.)

So if you come to my house and see plastic clothes hangers on the corners of all my doors, you'll know why. I just hope Joan Crawford doesn't come by, but then, maybe her issue is only with wire hangers and plastic ones are just fine.

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