Friday, November 17, 2006

Bubble Gum Punishment

In 18 years or so, when Caroline is in her PSYC 100 class in college talking about how her parents got her to behave when she was little, I wonder if she'll remember this. When Caroline is not following directions and refusing to do something, all we have to say is, "I'm getting the gum." or "I'm going to blow a bubble."

A few weeks ago we discovered she was scared to death of bubble gum bubbles. We don't know why but she hates it so much that just calmly mentioning you're going to get gum or blow bubble gets her to do almost anything we ask. Now mind you, we only use it when things get tough and she doesn't listen repeatedly. (We don't want it to lose it's effectiveness just yet!) But it's really amazing how well it works.

Caroline won't use the potty. "Caroline, I'm going to blow a bubble." She gets on that potty faster than ever.

Caroline is taking a toy away from Bryce and tormenting him. "Caroline, I'm getting the gum." She's a little angel not bothering him.

It works amazingly well which makes us wonder if we're doing any harm. I hope not. But I wouldn't be surprised if she still didn't like gum when she was 20.

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Amanda said...

You are so smart!!!