Wednesday, November 01, 2006

And so it's November

OMG, it's November 1. You know what that means??? Holidays are right around the corner. AHHHHHHHHH! I've gotten a headstart on my Christmas lists so I know what to start buying, but I haven't started. And I need to get cracking on the calendars I make for the grandparents every year. Oh me oh my!

But since it's November 1, it means that the "baby cheezus" can come out of hibernation. I put Caroline and Bryce's Little People Nativity set away in January and she's been asking where the baby Cheezus was since then. I think I'll get it out this weekend so she'll have some extra time to play with it. My mom also got them the Thanksgiving set so we have a very festive LP land right now.

In other news, my mom's mom (Nanny) is not doing so well. She is 85 years old and has been in a nursing home for almost 4 years. We put her in there originally because her dimentia was worsening and she was unable to care for herself 24/7. As she's been there, it's gotten worse and she's had many bouts of UTIs with bleeding that always make her dementia worse (UTIs in geriatrics often can make them septic very quickly). Well, yesterday they called my mom b/c the bleeding has worsened and her dementia is worse. My mom was going up there this morning to be there when my grandmother got the blood transfusions b/c her hematocrit (sp?) was so low. Obviously my mom is very distraught and upset and while I'm worried, I also feel like I lost my grandmother a while ago and that the person she has become is someone very foreign to me. At the risk of sounding horrible, I hope that either she recovers very quickly from this or that she can be at peace very quickly. To me this is just no way to live - or to exist. I know in her more lucid state she would not want to be like this nor to have everyone worrying over her like this. It's just so darn sad how the body shuts down in bits and pieces and can leave a shell of a person. When she first moved into the nursing home she was one of the most active residents who went to all the events and was out of her room all the time. She played bingo and got her nails done and was very social. But now she's sitting in the "sunshine room" during meals because she doesn't know what to do with the food they give her and she needs to be fed by a staff member. Pretty sad. And it puts more stress on my mom because we're over 90 minutes away and she really doesn't have anyone that is close to her up there that can help since her brother lives in Texas and her sister isn't able to be very helpful. Just a very depressing situation and all I can hope for is some relief for my poor mom.

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Amanda said...

Your family is in my prayers. If I can do anything to help let me know.I hope peace will come very soon for her. You are right that is no way for a person to live.

I will home tonight if you want to call. Dean is working late.

Keep us posted. hugs