Thursday, October 05, 2006

They're Out to Get Us!

Another night of less than desired amount of sleep for Jay and I. Caroline has recently decided that she likes staying up late, and while she will stay in her bed when we put her to bed, she does not go to sleep. She'll sit in bed and have conversations with her stuff animals and sometimes read books and sing songs she's made up about Diego and the Little Einsteins. We've always had this issue with her, but lately it's been worse. And if you ask her why she doesn't go to sleep or if something is scaring her, she says that she's not scared. Monday night at 10pm I found her looking out her open window with her turtle under her arm, blankie over her shoulder, and a "safari" hat on her head - she was talking to the turtle and telling him things about the moon. And you'd expect her to be exhausted the next morning just like mommy and daddy are - nope. She's bright and chipper....until you tell her to do something she doesn't want to do, but that is the norm in the morning for us and really isn't too different than other mornings where she gets plenty of sleep.

Bryce slept better last night and still coughed but not to the point where it woke him up. I do think Caroline has the cough now and she was drifting off and then would cough and wake herself up. It's just a neverending cycle!

BTW, do you like my new layout? I updated to the new version of Blogger and it had to erase my template that I set up so I decided to make it a little more festive.

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Amanda said...

Love the new layout. I have to Get Erin to add you to my blog roll. Thanks for putting me on yours. I feel special.

No sleep here either. I have to go to Target after work I think I will visit Starbucks.