Friday, October 06, 2006

Some Headway

The allergist called me back and after hearing about Bryce's reaction, he is going to have bloodwork done on Bryce to find out what he is allergic to. Then based on those results he'll do a skin test if needed. So I think we're on the way to finding out what is causing this even though we highly suspect eggs. Apparently because his reaction was only eczema before he wasn't as concerned but a reaction like this needs further investigation.

But of course, then today, Cathy gave Bryce a grilled cheese sandwich made with American cheese (if you can call it cheese!) and she called to say he got a rash around his ears and a little on his cheeks. So could it be dairy too????

I'll be happy to get some kind of definitive result. Not that avoiding eggs, dairy and nuts is fun, but at least we live in a time where finding alternatives is fairly easy. Thank goodness he doesn't have a soy allergy - that stuff is in EVERYTHING - the kid loves his soy milk!

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Amanda said...

We have allergy problems here too. Good luck with Bryce. Who's your pediatrician?

Are you availabe Sunday's or Thursday's.