Sunday, October 08, 2006

Oh the toddler angst

It seems that the terrible twos are escalating even as we approach Caroline's 3rd birthday. She's become more determined to do things herself - which is fine. The problem is that she wants to do them herself but then either won't do it or is unable to do them herself. So if you try to help her, a HUGE tantrum ensues or if you try to hurry her along or make her do it, an even BIGGER tantrum ensues. I gotta say, it's draining the life out of me. There is nothing I can say or do to make it easier.

I try to give her space and time to do things in her own toddler time frame, but sometimes that is just not possible. The mornings before work often turn into a mommy vs. Caroline Wrestlemania where I am forcing clothes on her so that we can get out the door by 7am.

But what kills me is that when the battle is over and she's calmed down, she will go back to being as sweet as can be. This morning was pretty bad as I attempted to ready her for my sister's arrival to pick Caroline up for a trip downtown to the Baltimore Farmer's Market. When Chrissa arrived at 9am, Caroline was a little sheepish, but in about 5 minutes was being her adorable, expressive self. Minutes before, she had been screaming at the top of the steps that she wanted to brush her teeth by herself (she HAD brushed them herself, I had just turned the water off and taken her toothbrush away after she had been "brushing" them for 10 minutes.) Then b/c Jason and I were ignoring her, she came downstairs and walked up to me where I was sitting at the kitchen table hit me in the side and yelled that she wanted to brush her teeth herself. That landed her a one way trip to a time out since we do not tolerate any kind of hitting where she proceeded to cry in the chair until she realized I wasn't going to give into her. That is where my sister arrived and it was like everything had been fine.

These kind of interactions with her are wearing me out physically and mentally. I don't know how much more I can take. And I know that at about the time she outgrows them, we're going to start getting them from Bryce - who I worry might be worse since he's already showing us what a temper he has - even as a 13 month old.


Amanda said...

Girl's night out that's what you need.

Christine said...

Hang in there momma- this too will pass (or so they say). I've even been told we may miss this (yah, right). Hmmmmmm girls night out....sounds great! I've seriously got to start playing the lotto! Hope tomorrow is better!