Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Oh Heaven....and your name is Peanut Butter

So for over 10 long months now I have sworn off peanut butter since we suspect that Bryce has an allergy and because we've been breastfeeding, it meant that I couldn't have it either. But on Sunday night, I decided that it would be my last time nursing Bryce. I stopped pumping right at his first birthday and we switched him over to soy milk and then for a few more weeks I nursed him in the morning and before bed. And just about 2 weeks ago, I took out the morning session so only the bedtime session remained. I'm not sure how much he was getting and since I felt ready to be done, last night I let Jason put him to bed without nursing him.

I was a little sad since it means that chapter of my relationship with Bryce is over, but there are many good things about it - namely, PEANUT BUTTER. So this morning at work I let myself have one of those insanely good FastBreak snack sized candy bars. Mmmmmmm! Chocolate, pretzels and PEANUT BUTTER! Oh joy, I haven't had any of that delicious stuff in so long. This coming from a girl who was raised on the stuff and ate it in her lunches 95% of the time by choice. Mmmmmmmmmm!

1 comment:

Amanda said...

Good for you peanutbutter!!!!

I stopped a couple of months ago with Gracie and I really felt sad. I miss it!!!!