Thursday, October 05, 2006

No Yolk About It

We've always known Bryce had some allergy issues but when the allergist did some skin tests at 4 months old, the results were fairly inconclusive. It showed a low sensitivity to peanuts and the doctor recommended he stay away from eggs as well. Nuts and peanuts were easy to keep out of my diet but I honestly didn't make too much of an effort with the eggs out of my own diet since his eczema cleared up. Now as he's eating table food, he's still not eating any nuts but we've been giving him some dairy here and there with no reaction. He also does fine with soy which can be a common allergy among children with food allergies.

Well, tonight we ate a pizza from one of those pizza kits that kids sell at school - it was one of those "white pizzas" (white cheese with a garlic/cheese sauce.) Bryce ate bits of it with gusto and had eaten about 10 little pieces when we noticed a red rash developing all over his face and on his neck. I gave him a tsp. of benedryl and cleaned him off and after about 15 minutes, the rash was almost gone. No breathing trouble and the rash didn't spread any further on his body. I gave him a bath too to make sure it was all cleaned off him.

So naturally, we wanted to know what the heck caused this b/c he's had pizza dough lots of times and he's had cheese too - not a lot of cheese but he's had enough that he would have had a reaction. So naturally, we thought about the sauce. I went out to the garage to read the box that had 2 more pizza kits in it and the 3rd ingredient in the sauce was egg yolks. That has to be it b/c everything else in the ingredients he's had before. So while I'm glad the reaction was limited and now we have an idea what it is, I'm a little freaked out. Not that I don't carry the Epipen with him, but now I know that I really might need it.

The allergist doesn't want to do any more allergy testing until he's at least 2 so we won't have anymore ideas until then. I've read too that egg allergies are among the most common for kids to outgrow, so here's hoping.

My mom was a bit skeptical that it was egg since he had no reaction to the MMR vaccine since she remembered it contained egg, but I did some research and found that it is very often tolerated just fine by people with egg allergies. However, the flu shot should be avoided. Bryce was too young to get a flu shot last year, so I am kind of glad this happened so that I know to keep him away from it.

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Katie said...

If he's getting rashes and you have an epipen, then I think you should demand a blood test/RAST test. It would give you a definite idea of what the allergy is. I don't understand why the allergist wants to wait another year? That's a long time for you to worry about this.