Friday, October 27, 2006

Friday Mash Up

So I have lots of things to say today...

It seems I've gotten a lot of "you had a night alone and you cleaned??????" comments from my readers and from some of my friends IRL but I gotta say, I think the reason is that we're so programmed to be productive, we don't know how NOT to be. The funniest part was, the kids had just gone and I'm standing in the kitchen making dinner and I said to Jason, "DUH, we should have gone out to dinner!" We both laughed b/c it totally did not occur to us. Back before kids we went out during the week regularly but it's just that having kids has totally changed our habits. And we did sit down and watch a show together but then we were like, "Um, what else is there to do?" We didn't know. We don't know how to be idle. Maybe we should just have another kid. Ummmmm, NOT YET!

Bryce likes to talk like a monster these days. I say to him, "Brycey, talk like a monster." and he makes this throaty voice and says something like "BAH BAH BAH!" I love it!

The other night I went into Caroline's room to kiss her before I went to bed and there she was asleep with her dancing shoes, "rain" hat, and hair band on. The kid just has such an imagination and I know she does all that just b/c she thinks she's acting out a story. I took it all off of her and then had to go and tell Jason. It was just precious.

Bryce is also starting to do some signs since he's not exactly talking yet. He does the sign for more and eat. Which makes sense b/c the kid likes to eat more than life itself so it figures he would learn those signs first so that he can keep his belly happy.

So it's Halloween weekend I guess and I need to get Caroline some tights to wear under her Dora costume since it's not going to be very warm. We'll also be carving pumpkins this weekend and we'll see how Caroline handles that. She wasn't too interested last year once Jason sawed one open. Although this year I downloaded a Dora pattern from Nickjr and I have one of those pumpkin carving tools so we'll see. No costume parties for mom and dad though - which I'm kind of glad about b/c I HATE dressing up in costumes. It stresses me out for some reason.

Okay time to do work!


Amanda said...

I didn't mean anything bad by my comment.I really was just kidding. I really think what you did was great. I am so sorry if I upset you. That was not my intention. I jsut wish I had more motovation when my girls are doing other stuff.

I am so sorry I was just joking with you.

Erika said...

I'm soooooooooo totally not mad. I just thought it was funny that everyone said the same thing and it didn't even occur to us to go out and we didn't know what to do w/ our time. We need hobbies. :)