Saturday, October 28, 2006

Big Toy Book

Do you remember around this time when the big toy book would somehow appear in your house? Jason and I have fond memories of the Best Products catalog that had a huge toy section. We'd look endlessly through those pages hoping and dreaming of all the fun we could have with the toys inside.

Well this morning in the weekend paper, the Toys R Us big toy book came. Caroline was thrilled. Everything that showed Dora or Diego she told us she wanted. From the Diego Rescue Center to Dora's Talking Playhouse - she wanted it. Of course the first thing I start thinking is, "Where in the hell are we going to put the new stuff she gets for her birthday and Christmas." I already feel like we have toys coming out of our ears. And that's even with me really limiting what I let other people buy for them. We've got more Little People than we know what to do with although I must say the seasonal sets are totally adorable and I can't resist them. But I also think that I don't want too much more Dora/Diego stuff for Caroline since I don't know how much longer she's going to be into it and would rather her have some toys that she'll get some longevity out of. I had originally thought about the Fisher Price Loving Family dollhouse since it's age 3+ and she's played already with it at Cathy's house and Cathy's 6 year old daughter still plays with hers. But then I think, where in the heck are we going to put that???? Where would the Little People go? And that's not even considering where Bryce's stuff would go. Although the kid doesn't need much b/c he's more interested in just clomping around theh ouse and climbing on stuff than playing with actual toys, but of course, that will probably change this year. But he is already starting to get into cars, trucks and balls so I'm sure we'll see a lot of those this holiday.

So back to the toy book, if you have older toddlers (or older) be warned - it's coming!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for warning me! I'm still at the point where everything is so cute and fun to play with that I NEED to get it for Kenzie! Even thought we just had her birthday and she got plenty - I am so looking forward to Christmas! :) And to think you have a big house and I only have a townhouse!

~ Viv