Sunday, October 29, 2006

Bad Pumpkin Season

Did you know that this year's pumpkin crop was a bad one? Apparently the numbers were down because of all the rain we had in June made the bee population very low this year which meant there weren't as many pollenators. Jason and I noticed it because we didn't get a single pumpkin or squash/zucchini to grow in our garden. We got flowers, but NO fruit. We thought it was us, but after we found out it was Mother Nature we felt better. We also think that the enviroment affected the crop that did grow as well since out of the 3 pumpkins we bought at Weber's 2 weeks ago, 1 went completely rotten. In addition to the 2 little ones my mom bought the kids and my mom had a few of her's at home go bad too. Neither of us has ever had a pumpkin go bad before it was carved before.

But we did have a large pumpkin and a small pumpkin to carve and I did it this morning. Caroline was not the least bit interested. She wanted to watch her shows. So I spent over an hour using the Dora stencil I found on and carved out Dora. It looks really cute and I'll have to post pics of it later. The pumpkin carving tool was a necessity and even though it made it "easier" it was still far from easy. My arms and hands are still feeling fatigued. I carved the little pumpkin in a typical pumpkin face. Caroline didn't want to get too close when I was done so it leads me to believe she's still not over her pumpkin fear completely. I told her we'd take pictures of her with them later and she seemed okay with that.

Off to start the Sunday chores....

BTW, no one told my kids about Daylight's Savings Time ending last night - they were both up at 6:30. Thanks kids - mommy and daddy are wiped today.

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