Friday, October 13, 2006

Another strange fear

Jason is up giving Caroline a bath. Usually she demands that I do it, but tonight, she insisted that it was him. Why the sudden change in favor? Well, about 10 minutes ago Caroline and I were playing in her kitchen and making a meal for her little turtle. I was chewing some Extra Bubble Gum and she asked me if I had gum. I said yes, and she asked to smell it. So I put it back in my mouth and proceeded to blow a bubble. She looked at me very strangely and asked "What was that?" I told her it was a bubble and then blew another one. Before it even popped, she was running crying to Jason and saying, "DON'T DO IT!" Jason couldn't believe how upset she was. So she sat on his lap a little while and when he asked her if she was ready for a bath she told him he could give it to her. She had a few toys from the playroom in her hands so he asked her to come and put them back but she wouldn't go NEAR me or the playroom and when I came up after her on the steps she looked totally scared and moved as fast as she could.

In other news, Bryce is starting to sing "EIEIO!" when you sing Old MacDonald. Of course it's not always at the right time, but he lights up when he hears you sing it. He'll even say his version of "dog" when you say, "And on this farm he had a_____." That was one of Caroline's first favorite songs too.

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Amanda said...

Hannah does the same thing. So don't worry and enjoy the 20 minute break.