Tuesday, October 24, 2006

All the time in the world...

Last night, the kids spent the night with my IL's. It was the first time that both of them have slept there and only the 2nd time Bryce has slept away from us. The first time was on our anniversary and they were at my parent's. That didn't go so well and Bryce didn't pass out until after 11pm and then was up after 5am. I warned my ILs he might do the same, but he went to bed around 8pm, stirred for a moment around 1am, and woke up for good at 6am. So the ILs and kids were well rested and they enjoyed a lovely 24 hours together.

While I was sad to see them go when FIL came to pick them up yesterday afternoon, I have to admit it was VERY nice having some time to ourselves. Although we don't know what to do with so much idle time. We watched a show together, but most of the evening was spent doing chores that NEVER get done during the week when the kids are running amuck. Jay got all the carpets upstairs steam cleaned while I cleaned the kid's bathroom and the powder room. I got the first floor picked up and all the kid's laundry done and put away. I'd say, we were on a roll. And then this morning - now THAT was heaven. I woke up a little late and still made it out of here early. Those of you without kids have no excuse to be late for work! Seriously. I even had a chance to drink my coffee while reading the paper.

But when the day was over, I was very happy for 4:30 to come around and know I was going home to the kids. As luck would have it, my ILs pulled into our driveway just ahead of me and both kids were yelling our names when we opened the doors to their van. Of course, the honeymoon was over quickly and both kids were giving us a rough time. But I know a lot of that was due to all the excitement of being with the grandparents and probably the exertion of being little angels for 24 hours. So both kids made it to bed before 8pm and here I sit. ....dreading the thought of my usual morning tomorrow.


Amanda said...

We need to talk!! You cleaned your house while your kids were away? You didn't go out drinking or to dinner or even better SLEEP!!.

I'm just kidding I would have done the same thing.

Hey, want to plan a double date soon?

Katie said...

I can't remember the last time L & I had a day at the house without Emily.
It must have been oddly quiet, but so great to accomplish stuff around the house.

Anonymous said...

It's great to be married with kids and when you have time alone you do chores, right ;) Hey whatever makes you both happy (although it would have been a great time to start on #3!)

~ Viv