Saturday, September 16, 2006


Well, it's our last day at the beach and let's recount how it's gone so far. Bryce woke up at 4am because he's got some teething issues and then Caroline was up before 6am with another fever. She had so much eye goop, it was like both her eyes were stuck shut. (It's not pink eye, just part of the nasty cold she has.) But at 7am, both kids were back up and the sun was shining very brightly.) Even out on the deck at that time, the sun was warm and we thought we were in for a lovely day. We thought wrong. The sun has been going in and out and back in the distance are some ominous dark clouds. Caroline and Zoe have gone out, but I don't have very high hopes the sun will stay out. This will be the palest I've ever left the beeps. Oh well.........

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