Friday, September 15, 2006

Imported from OBX

So here I am at a computer at the beach blogging - I've been meaning to do it sooner, but haven't had the time. This is the latest in the season we've ever gone to the beach and it's been a little different. Great for traffic, restaurants, crowds, etc but the weather has been a little unpredicatable. A hurricane was off shore early in the week and caused extreme wind and was cool. The sun was out on Tuesday, but it wasn't terribly warm. Yesterday afternoon turned into an okay day before it started raining and then it rained all night into this afternoon. But then it was beautiful. We're hoping for more of the same tomorrow and Saturday.

The kids have been pretty good, but they both woke up with colds this morning and Caroline is clearly not feeling like herself. Poor kiddo. But when we have been able to get out on the beach she has LOVED it and is so excited by the whole beach scene. Bryce even surprised us and enjoyed walking and playing in the sand. But some habits die hard and both kids are up at their normal time. So no vacation for mommy and daddy. 6am is rough on vacation. But it's better than 4am!!! We put Bryce's crib in our room on the first night we were here and when he woke up at 4am he saw us and started screaming and would not go back to sleep. So we redistributed the bedrooms he got his own room - the little prince - and now he's sleeping like normal again.

The night before leaving Caroline was so excited that 7:30 she told us she was going to bed. We were thrilled but that was short lived. Every 30 minutes or so she'd come downstairs looking for something or we'd hear her up in her room. Then at about 10:30, she came out of her room and fell halfway down the steps and was crying - so that woke up Bryce and he screamed off and on for an hour. Then we got them both to sleep, but at 4am, Caroline came into our room ready to go to the beach. I went into her room and played with her for a bit and then got her back to sleep. But we were up at 6:30 and out the door before 8am. Needless to say, mommy and daddy were exhausted when we got here - I got no sleep on the way down b/c someone was constantly needing my attention in the backseat. I think it was more work for me than it was for Jason who was driving.

We also took some pictures with my extended family with a professional photographer on the beach. It was a good idea on paper, but it was not very fun for the kids. Caroline and Zoe were NOT the least bit interested in having their pictures taken. At one point, Caroline was rolling around in the sand in her dress. Zoe was running up the sanddunes and both girls were trying every trick they had to get away from whoever was trying to hold them for a photo. I'll be very surprised if any of them come out good. Although the photographer got some good shots of Caroline doing a little beach combing as we were leaving. Bryce's only issue was the wind and sun and he barfed down the front of his outfit right before we started. We defintiely gave the photographer a run for his money!!

Well it's after midnight and the kids will have me up in 6 hours so I better go or I'll be even more tired in the morning.

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