Sunday, September 24, 2006

Decorating and Art Gallery

I've had this idea for a while, but it took a while to come to fruition since I'm not allowed to drill any holes in walls at our house. Since we created a playroom for the kids in our would-be dining room, the walls seemed exceedingly bare. But once we got Bryce's 1 year portrait taken, I hung both kid's 1 year portraits on one wall, but the opposite wall was still blank.

In the meantime, I've always hated that there was never enough places to display Caroline's artwork and didn't like cluttering up the fridge anymore than it already is. (And having an avalanche of drawings everytime someone walked briskly by.)

And so my "invention" was born. Why not create a big place on the wall to display the creations of my future world famous artist? And here it is:

We hung a clothesline between two clothespins that Jason drilled into the wall and then hung Caroline's paintings and drawings of the week there. It fills up the wall with something and is a great place to display her talents. Now we just need to find the time to actually paint the walls in there, but hey, it's a start!

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Katie said...

LOVE IT! I was just thinking about doing the same thing!!! I love your idea with the clothespins. I may have to copy!!!