Thursday, September 21, 2006

Back to the Grind

Well here I am, back at work. I've been a little bloggy negligent recently since work has been crazy with a new supervisor, lots of work piled up while I was gone, and digging out from the crazy registration that went one while I was gone. But things are good. The kids were thrilled to see Cathy and crew yesterday and everyone seems to be back in the old schedule.

For those of you that know our family's web URL, I've updated with lots of pictures from the past month. Hope you enjoy them.

Caroline is still recovering from that NASTY cold and has some congestion and a cough. Bryce seems to have a touch of it, but nothing like his sister had.

Bryce's new interest these days is dogs. He hears or sees a dog and he starts yelling and pointing, "GOOOGG GOOOOOG!" He's also been very into "reading" books lately too. And he's even giving running a try. AH! And trying some things his sister never had an interest in, he's constantly trying to dig in my houseplants and he's always looking for open toilets to put his hands into. YUCK! Not that we ever leave toilets open, but if he meanders in while Caroline is on the potty, he goes right for it. Must be something in his genes b/c this is the kind of stuff my brother did as a baby. He's very interested in toilet paper too, although maybe he gets that from me. As a toddler, I used to pull some off the roll and put it in the toilet and then flush it and b/c it was still attached to the roll, it would just pull and pull the paper off the roll. I guess this was one of my early scientific experiments. (I did win 1st place in the city-wide school system Science Fair in 1981 when my science project "What Will Mix and Not Mix" attracted a lot of attention in the kindergarten to 3rd grade section of the competition. I still have the trophy.)

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