Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Sprinkles and Brother Joe

Diego has not been forgotten, but Caroline has a new obsession - Blue's Clues!!! She's always liked the show, but a few weeks ago OnDemand had the 3 episode arc from spring 2002 that transitioned kids from host Steve over to host Joe. Steve was "going to college" and his younger brother Joe was going to take over. Caroline LOVED seeing the two together and kept asking to watch Brother Steve and Brother Joe. (Why she called them both "brother" I'll never know since they do not call one another that on the show.) But on Sunday night, there was a special 10th anniversary episode of Blue's Clues where Blue and Joe go on a hunt to find out and meet Blue's baby brother. It turns out that Blue has a baby brother named Sprinkles. So, ever since then, Caroline has named herself Brother Joe and Bryce is Sprinkles. Jason is Blue and I am Brother Steve.

She is so into this that if you call her Caroline, she says, "NO! I am Brother Joe!!!" So I have called her Brother Joe as long as she is making good choices. But when she's making bad choices I've told her she will not be called by her new name. You'd think that with a toddler that something like this would be short lived, but as of this morning, we're approaching the 48 hour mark of my daughter having a new name. Bryce was crawling around this morning as I was getting ready and he crawled down the hallway to her room. He pushed open the door and I hear, "Good morning Sprinkles!" Then she runs into my room and comes at me to give me a hug and says, "I LOVE YOU BROTHER STEVE!!"

I have to say though, I just LOVE the nickname Sprinkles for Bryce for some reason. I don't know why. It just makes me giggle to think about it.

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Katie said...

Emily has a stuffed elephant named sprinkles. I giggle every time I say the name sprinkles. It's just a nickname that makes you smile.