Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Sick in the Summer

You always hear that cold/flu season (and sick season, in general) is late fall thru spring. When we made it to May this year with only a few colds under our belt with each kid, I thought we had it made. But then the summer started...and the illnesses. It's getting to be late August (AH!) and each kid has had 2 bad colds (one with a horrible cough), a nasty stomach virus, and this weird fever virus that Caroline is now over and Bryce is currently battling. Add that to Bryce's ear infection and Caroline's scarlet fever and you've got one sick summer! What is up with that? They spend more time outside than ever too - so I just don't get it. I'll just keep my fingers crossed that the end of summer signals the end of our "sick season" and we can cruise through the fall and winter with little to no interuption!

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Katie said...

I hope your little ones get well soon (and stay well).