Friday, August 11, 2006

She Went

Chrissa is on her way to the airport to start her trek across the pond to Europe. Against my mom's opinion, she has decided to go and give a basic "F#@$@ YOU!" to the terrorists. And as others have reminded me, she is probably much safer flying today than she would have been a few days ago. A safer flyer, yes, but a thirsty, irritated, and bored flyer, nonetheless. While I totally understand the restrictions based on what we're starting to hear was the terrorist's plan, I do feel a little bad for the travelers.

No carry on fluids - so you have to rely on the flight attendents to give you teeny cups of beverages while you slowly dehydrate due to the cabin's extremely low humidity.

No lip balm/hand lotion - Again, the cabin is so dry, your lips and hands dry out in seconds.

No Ipods, CD players, games, or books - A short flight isn't a big deal w/o this stuff, but a long flight? Whew, I hope the movie is good!!! Better get comfy with your complimentary copy of SkyMall and the emergency landing procedure card.

No extra feminine hygiene products - So basically you can only carry on enough to get you through the trip. Women all know that this can spell disaster!

And b/c you can only carry on the bare essentials - if your luggage doesn't make it to your final destination when you do, you're pretty much screwed. Whenever I fly and have to check a bag, I always have carried on my toiletry bag and a bag with a change of clothes just in case! I just wonder how long and permanent these restrictions are. Some say they will relax again while others say that they could be here to stay - just like the way you can no longer go to the boarding area at an airport anymore unless you are a ticket holder.

I don't have any plans to fly in the near future, but the thought of traveling with young children w/o things to entertain them really frightens me AND should frighten all other travelers. Bored little kids make for a FUN flight for the entire plane! Maybe the flight attendents will start passing out complimentary doses of Benedryl.

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