Friday, August 04, 2006

Kisses and Make Believe

So the kids always seem to be doing new stuff to amaze me, but in the past few days they have both melted my heart with some new things.

First Bryce - Bryce has started giving kisses. And as any mom knows, baby kisses have to be one of the sweetest things in the entire world. I ask him to give me a kiss and he opens his mouth really wide and touches his mouth to my face. It's just the cutest thing. But yesterday morning, I went into his room and there he was sitting in his crib playing. I picked him up and carried him to the rocker to feed him and ask I was doing it, he opened his moutn and planted one one me!! And unsolicited baby kiss! I got all misty! It's one thing when you ask him for one, but for an 11 month old to want to kiss you? Aw man, I'll never forget that!

Now Caroline - so Caroline's obsession with Diego continues and I've been watching her for weeks now play with her "friends" (Diego, Dora, Daisy, Boots, etc) and how she mothers them and acts out things from her own life. But the other night was the first time I saw her pretending to be someone else. Her new favorite thing to play is "Diego and Alicia." She is Diego and I am Alicia and we are animal rescuers, just like on the show. I'll take one of her many stuffed animals and put it in another room and then her phone rings and I answer it and tell her that an animal is in trouble. Then "Diego" goes and saves the animal and she brings it back to me and we take care of it and make all of its boo boos go away. Then she cuddles it and tells me it's all better and then it's onto helping the next animal. A future vet maybe?

She's also really into dancing right now too. I go into her room in the mornings and she is usually standing in the middle of the room with her favorite CD of the moment on and just dancing up a storm. I love to watch her w/o her knowing I'm there. She's just so animated and hasn't a care in the world.

With all of these cute things happening lately, it's no wonder I'm missing my kids so much this week. I'm so glad it's Friday!

Oh yeah, and my sister comes home this weekend! She has finished her master's degree and will be home for a few weeks before heading to Europe for her post graduation trip. She's hoping she'll be awarded a grant to do some urban farming downtown so she can be back in the area for a while. (We're hoping so too!) She hasn't seen the kids since Christmas and I miss her too!

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