Wednesday, August 23, 2006

It's the end of August?????

How did it get to be the end of August already? I cannot believe all the schools start up again next week and classes start at work again. Ugh, I am not ready to have to leave almost a half hour earlier to get to work on time b/c of the horrible September traffic. At least I get to take an entire week off for our "summer" vacation soon. When we set it up back in January, I was so excited b/c it's a huge house right on the beach with it's own private pool and baby pool. But at the time, September seemed so far away. But now it's here and I'm glad that I still have it to look forward too. Having vacations earlier in the summer kind of bums me out b/c then when it's over b/c so much of the summer is left. I just hope that the weather will continue to cooperate. At least hurricane season has been much lighter than expected and with all the dry weather, we can hope for a beautiful week.

Also, unexpectedly it looks like my entire family will be there. Kevin will be there for the whole week although Kelly will not be since she will be starring in a play that opens that week. But Chrissa will be along too for at least part of the week. Of course my parents, Jay and the kids are coming but my mom also invited my dad's mom (Mee Maw) along and she is thrilled. We're also going with the same family that we've been going to the OBX with since 1983 and boy do we know how to BEACH IT!

But I have to get through Bryce's 1st birthday party first and I haven't really done a thing except invite people and make up a menu. I need to start cooking this weekend b/c I only want to have to throw a few things together that morning and not run around crazy. I did it that way with Caroline's and it was so nice.

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Katie said...

August goes by so quickly! I can't believe Bryce is almost one year old.