Monday, July 17, 2006

It's Mondeeeeeeeeeee

Another summer weekend is already past us. Saturday is SIL's wedding, so we are going to have a busy busy week.

On Saturday night, Jason and I went out to dinner for our anniversary. We had reservations at Charleston downtown. It was amazingly wonderful! True gourmet food and we left feeling like high class. Of course we did drive the mini-van so we were back in reality pretty quickly when the valet brought us our car. I'd HIGHLY recommend this place to anyone out there - although if you are a strict vegetarian, I'd avoid it since there aren't any vegetarian options. It's a fusion between southern and French cooking and every course is a work of art. And b/c they change the menu almost daily, if you visit again, it's almost a completely different place.

To round out the evening, my parents even kept the kids for the night. It was Bryce's first night away from mommy and he did not enjoy it. Poor kid. My mom said he didn't go to sleep until 11am and then he was up at 5am. And he was just looking for me. HE was thrilled when I go there. So I think it might be a while before he's ready for anymore overnight visits. Although I do think that his issues may be more to do with the environment b/c he has gone to bed without problems in our house for other people. I really hope he doesn't give us this hard of a time at the beach in September.

Caroline has been taking her antibiotics well and is her normal self. Bryce's GI issues are a thing of the past too. The only thing I noticed this morning is it seems Caroline has started with this nagging cough that a few kids at daycare have. No other symptoms other than the cough, but annoying just the same. I am sick of my kids being sick. I think I've earned a sick break for a while. Don't you?


Amanda said...

The resturant that you went to is that in Baltimore? If it is I have been there is very good. I am from Maryland,I live in Baltimore.
I found your blog through Katie.

Erika said...